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I read books because with my disability it is hard for me to get out and enjoy life when my hubby isnt taking me places cause i cant drive myself.
Son of a Witch - Gregory Maguire

I gave this book 3 stars it wasnt bad sucks now that its over I feel like I have lost friends,,,LOL

they were made out of meat

They're Made Out Of Meat - Terry Bisson

this was a short sifi story from a book my hubby picked up at goodwill he asked me to read this story so I did it was weird but a good kinda weird

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Gregory Maguire

Open me

Night World number 2

Night World, No. 2 - L.J. Smith

Night world vol 2 dark angel-gillian dies but its not her time so she was able to come back to earth to her body, a neighbor David BlackBurn stops and takes her home a lot of crazy stuff going on she cant figure out why David finds out tshat tanya is cheating on him with someone else. David took Gillian to a party they went upstairs for alone time David told her he was glad she didnt take a drink from the guy hosting the party.Tanya and Kim are comming up with ways to get back and david for breaking up with Tanya and being with Gillian now.(Angel) is around to help her to learn to be a witch Gillian meets Melusine she asks her for Dragons Blood (the activated kind) angel is falling in love with gillian. Angel told gillian about the night world she has now went to meet some of relitives. Angel told gillian that they were soulmates. I wont go on to tell the very end of this story for people that havent read it but I do give it 4 stars
the chosen Rashel is a 5 year old little girl that has seen her brother in a not so good "accident" she also seen her mother die so she has to go to her aunts house and then that night her aunts house caches fire and her aunt doesnt make it out. Rashel grows up to be a lancer Hannah Snow lives in Montanna I gave this book a 3 stars :-)

the deep end of the ocean

The Deep End of the Ocean - Jacquelyn Mitchard

I gave this book 3 stars I didnt like the mother at the start but I tried looking past that I did see the movie a long time ago with my mom so while reading this book I had the movie playing in my head nonstop all and all the book turned out to be okay in the end I would probably never read this one again but if I do find the 2nd book somewhere i would like to read it just because I liked the father and the kids in this book

The change is within you

The Change Is Within You - G. Gyarmati

I gave this book 2 stairs cause although this had some really good things in it everything they say in it I pretty much already knew.....it did help in ways but not too much all and all I liked the first few pages of the book cause I like to watch people do tricks on like BMX bikes and things the other things in this book did nothing really for me I would still like to read more from this person though I just dont think this one was for me

The Tale Of The Deadly Diary - Brad Strickland, Barbara Strickland

this was a pretty good book I gave it 3 stars and the video explained why

How Lucky You Are - Kristyn Kusek Lewis

Book review of how lucky you are w/spoilers

How Lucky You Are - Kristyn Kusek Lewis

How Lucky you are just interducing the  frends Waverly,Kate and Amy. Mike is going on about one of their jobs.Waverly's Parents died in a car accident when she was in college Waverly is telling us how she first met her boyfriend Larry. Waverly and amy is going for a run talking about Amy's sister and her husband. they go to kates familys "beachhouse" Kate just told everyone Brendam wants to have kids but she does not want them. Waverly thinks that Mike is cheating on Amy. Waverly is telling us about the fight her and kate had over how much money her parents left her when they died. waverly finally asks Amy if she thought Mike was cheating on her Amy gets up from the table in a hurry so now waverly feels like she over stepped her boundries Waverly just found out larry may loose his job.Amy dont show up at a lunch thing that her and waverly was asked to attend waverly is worried about Amy and decides to head to her house unstead of going back to work waverly know knows why Amy is being distant mike is abusing her but no one belives that mike could be that type of person Amy admitted to waverly that Mike has been abusing her for 3 years.Waverly has just found out that Brendan is cheating on Kate with his assistant Stephine.Kate is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she was cheated on and is threating to kick him out of the house Brendan is trying to get waverly to talk to kate for him. I wont give away what happens in the end cause what fun would it be to do that? but I have ran into these kinda situations in my own life I am disabled and being taken off my monthly income kinda like Waverly,I have family friends that have been beatten like Amy and I know a few people that kinda wave their money around and can petty much anything they want like Kate and also like Kate I have been cheated on.